Mechanical particle separation

Läckeby Products develops and manufactures high quality products for mechanical particle separation. Our range of drum screens, classifiers and decanters are state-of-the-art and designed to reliably mechanically separate particles from liquids. We specialise in the first stage of the cleaning process. The robust designs and unique technical solutions ensure that sludge and particles are effectively and cost efficiently separated. Further down the cleaning process, valuable and sensitive membrane equipment is effectively protected from abrasive particles. The result? Greatly improved water quality.

Liquids/solids separation

There are no limits to where our mechanical liquids/solids separation products can be of benefit
to you. The obvious applications are potable water and waste water treatment works. Other applications are mostly found in the food processing industry where we help clean process water in restaurants, slaughter houses, fish processing plants, breweries etc. Important applications are also found in industrial processes such as textile mills, chemical plants and in the pulp and
paper industry.

Potential for large savings

Today, there is increasing pressure on industry to pay a high price for processing waste water. Consequently there is potential for cost savings in managing process water on site. Custom designed drum screens, classifiers and decanters from Läckeby products effectively clean process water and allow it to be recycled into the process again. This results in large long-term cost savings.