Roto-Sieve Drum Screen


Läckeby Products manufactures, markets and sells Roto-Sieve drum screens, which separate solid particles and fibres from liquids by screening. The drum screens are based on proven technology with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimises maintenance.

With high operational reliability, a long service life and low energy consumption, Roto-Sieve drum screens are a proven good investment. Due to its internal feed and circular perforations, Roto-Sieve offers the best separation that can be achieved mechanically. It has been shown in practice that a fibre or hair has a very small chance of orienting itself at a right angle and against the water current, so that it can pass through a round hole.


As standard, Roto-Sieve drum screens are manufactured in five models for various flows, in stainless steel or acid-proof steel. For all models, splash guards are made in stainless steel covers. Brushes are manufactured in heat resistant material. Standard drum perforations are 0.8-1.0-1.5–2.0-3.0 mm and the smallest perforations are 0.6 mm. Most models are supplied with overflow systems as standard.

Technical features

Process benefits

  • Low energy consumption
  • High degree of separation
  • High operational reliability
  • Good utility in many applications
  • Enhances processes, for instance in treatment works
  • Reduces need for cleaning
  • Makes servicing easier
  • Reduces running costs of subsequent stages



Roto-Sieve drum screens consist of a perforated drum (1) with internally fixed screw (2), which transports the separated particles out of the drum. The drum rotates by drive belts (3) and is driven by a cog gear motor (4). Incoming liquid is fed into the drum through an inlet pipe (5), which distributes the water over a large area of the drum’s interior. During passage through the drum, the liquid is screened through the drum’s perforations and collects in the trough (6) underneath. Separated particles are transported out of the drum through the screenings outlet (7). Dewatering continues throughout transport in the drum. To prevent clogging of the unit’s perforations, all drum screens are fitted with a rotating brush (8) and a spray header with spray nozzles (9). Roto-Sieve drum screens are completely encased in removable splash guards (10) and equipped with a ventilation exhaust (11) to improve the working environment.


Läckeby Products has supplied more than 4,000 Roto-Sieve drum screens to both industrial and municipal plants worldwide.



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